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This past weekend was a huge test for all New Jersey residents. The government is closely monitoring actions all across the state now that a majority of parks and golf courses have reopened.

Governor Murphy along with many others hope to continue to flatten the curve here in New Jersey and remind everyone not to act like a knucklehead.

“But if we see what we saw, and this was extremely troubling, over the first weekend in April when we had good weather and we closed the parks after that, we saw a lot of the so-called knucklehead behavior with people ignoring social distancing. If we see that again, we will not hesitate, I don’t say this with any joy, to reclose the parks. I sincerely do not want to do that.” Murphy said.

Murphy first brought attention to the “Don’t be a knucklehead, keep a safe distance” state campaign during a COVID-19 briefing on Friday (May 1). In addition, he shared a video to Twitter showing his followers the new digital sign on state highways.

“We all still have to use common sense,” Murphy said. “So please, no gatherings. Stay at least six feet apart. Wear, we’re not making you but I’m asking you, to wear a face covering.”

As of  Tuesday (May 5), there have been a reported 2,494 positive COVID-19 cases, bringing the New Jersey total to 130,593. This has resulted in 8,244 deaths in the Garden State.

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