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After the coronavirus pandemic will people go back to taking cruises? Some cruise lines are trying to make it tough to resist.

Carnival Cruise Lines just announced that they will be starting up in August and they are offering tickets for as low as $59 per day. It’s also lowered deposits to $50 per person. The budget cruises will be available from three ports: Galveston, Miami and Port Canaveral, the company has announced.

Additionally, The Motley Fool reported that Cruise Line management said in a quarterly filing that between the end of February and March 15, 2020, 55% of guests offered a refund or cruise credits on canceled voyages chose the refund.

According to a recent report, Carnival alone has seen over 1,500 people infected on its ships, with dozens perishing from the virus.

As for the airline industry, airlines that have slashed prices include Frontier, which is charging just $11 for the following trips: Austin to Denver; Denver to Las Vegas; Dallas to Las Vegas; and Charlotte to Philadelphia. Frontier is also offering a $39 flight from Orlando to Philadelphia; $49 tickets from Orlando to Chicago; and a $59 flight from Orlando to Milwaukee. It’s also added a “more room” seat option — an extra $39 guarantees a passenger will be placed next to an empty seat.