(Photo by Rahman Roslan/Getty Images)

Ramadan 2020 begins at sundown on April 23rd and runs until sundown on May 23rd. Islamic holidays always begin and end at sundown. Muslims observe Ramadan as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and spending time with loved ones. Fasting during the holiday is a way to break bad habits, become more patient and become closer to God.

So the question for those who are not familiar with the holiday, is it ok to wish someone “happy” Ramadan?  The answer is “yes.” The next question is how do I wish Muslim friends happy Ramadan? The most common greeting is “Ramadan Mubarek” which translates to either “happy Ramadan” or “blessed Ramadan.” You can also say “Ramadan Kareem” which means “may Ramadan be generous to you.”

So Ramadan Mubarek to and your family, Ramadan Kareem!