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At this point you might be sick and tired of being stuck in the house because everyone has to practice social distancing & isolate themselves in their homes. You probably already binge watched everything available On Demand and on Netflix & Hulu leaving you with nothing to keep you entertained. The kids are probably getting restless & now you’re trying to think of ways to keep them occupied. Well luckily for you, I’m a serious gamer & I know a few games out there that can keep you & your family entertained for a while. Lets break down some games that everyone can play throughout this isolation period!

Castle Crashers 

This game is a classic & it’s available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC & it will only cost you about $15 which is a steal! You can play with up to four players & everyone playing selects their Castle Crasher character, each with their own unique ability. There are up to 31 unlock-able characters you can choose from with powers such as fire, ice, electricity, poison, love, wind, nature, dark, money, bees, healing or death. You and your team fight through each level of this side scrolling adventure game to save four princesses who were kidnapped from the evil wizard. What makes this game so fun for everyone is the fact that that even though you’re all on the same team, you kind of want to outshine your teammates so you can level up faster & be the leading knight at the end of the game!

Knowledge Is Power

This game is absolutely addicting & what makes it fun for the whole family is the fact you don’t need actually controllers to play! Yep, all you need to play this game is a Playstation 4, WiFi and a few smart phones or tablets. This is a family friendly trivia game where up to six people can join in on the fun! Each player selects their character & you can choose from being the Hot Dog, Cowgirl, Magician, Astronaut, Alien, Lumberjack or Emo Butterfly. But what makes this so fun, is once you pick your character, you have to take a picture of yourself so throughout the game you’ll see your face on the character you choose! And just so you know, the game is more than answering the questions correctly because throughout the game you can sabotage players with different “PowerPlays.” Power plays are different items you can use on your opponents and they make it harder for them to answer the question before you. Power plays consist of Gop (opponent need to wipe the screen clean to find the answers), Freeze (the answers are frozen and need to be broken before selected), Bombels (Bombs float around the screen and if clicked, you get a time penalty) and Nibbles (Letters are removed from the answer making it harder to make out the word). Who will be the King or Queen of Knowledge Is Power? Find out by downloading this fun interactive game today!

Heads Up

No gaming system, no controllers & no TV required! All you need is the family & one smart phone or tablet. Here is how you play: You form your teams, select a category and one person from each team puts the phone on their forehead with the screen facing their teammate. From here a particular word will pop up & it’s up to the person looking at the screen to give clues to the person holding the phone so they can guess the correct word. Every time they get the word correct, that team gets a point. But if you think you’re just going to say some clues to the other person & win that way, you’re wrong because it’s much more than that! Each category has rules. For example, in the Act It Out category you CAN NOT SPEAK! You literally have to act out the word or topic. In Accents & Impressions you have to try and impersonate the topic that pops up. Did I mention that since the screen & front side camera is facing the person giving the clues, they get recorded the whole time? When is the last time you caught your Husband trying to do a Christopher Walken impression? Do you have a video of your child trying to act out playing on a seesaw? This game will have you laughing and it will capture some amazing memories for you to save directly to your phone!