Since the kids will soon be going stir crazy from being home all day, I figured I would give you some ideas to keep the kids active and entertained.

  • Build a Fort – It’s always fun to gather up pillows from the couch or beds and make a fort. With all the Amazon boxes you’ve been accumulating, you can make the coolest fort out of them!
  • DIY Flamingo Toss – You can gather your outdoor flamingo lawn decorations and make your own ring toss.
  • A Scavenger Hunt – I was looking to entertain my nieces and nephews when I hosted Thanksgiving. I had a scavenger hunt in my yard and hid small trinkets and candy in my bushes and low tree branches.  The kids had a blast finding little treasures.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle – It’s always fun to see your masterpiece come alive piece by peice. You can draw a picture, cut it up, then have your kids put it back together.
  • Exercise – You can stomp on the bubble wrap from all those deliveries arriving to your door lately.
  • DIY Cornhole – Put a hole in a box and toss a light ball or bean bag through it.
  • Play Board Games – Forget the video games for a day and pull out a game of Monopoly. Monopoly will keep you busy for hours.  Twister would be fun too!
  • Cook/Bake – It’s always fun to crack an egg and add a few spices!
  • Listen to the Impossible Question podcast and see if you know the answers.

I hope this helps you to keep your sanity while you are at home with the kids.  Perhaps you have a few great ideas of your own that you can share with me. – Maryann Morgan – Joel and Maryann in the Morning