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Credit: Instagram: @goldenunicornrae

A “unicorn” puppy is now a star on social media. A golden retriever named, Rae, has become Instagram and TikTok famous because of her one ear that sticks out of the top of her head like a unicorn horn. According to sources, shortly after birth, the pup was critically injured and had to be taken to the hospital. The breeder isn’t sure what happened but suspects that Rae’s mother was cleaning off the placenta or amniotic sack and was a little too aggressive, tearing off the puppy’s entire ear. Despite having to undergo emergency surgery and requiring around-the-clock care after birth, Rae turned 12 weeks yesterday and reportedly has no issues with hearing or pain. The ‘unicorn pup’ has nearly 56-thousand followers on Instagram and a video of her has been viewed nearly 4 million times on TikTok.

Rae’s name is ear spelled backwards. See Rae here…

Highlights - @goldenunicornrae

See Instagram 'Highlights' highlights from Rae the ???? Golden Retriever (@goldenunicornrae)