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The past week has put almost everyone in a state of panic and on edge (myself included when I couldn’t find toilet paper because I was almost out! LOL).  Some fear the unknown and with this recent virus, it is unknown what can happen to us which in turn scares us, especially those with lower immune systems. It’s tough to think positive and look ahead when we’re scared and trying to keep ourselves and the family safe.

We do have something positive to look forward to though, Spring officially arrives on Thursday! Although we (NJ, PA and other states) had a relatively decent Winter with not much snow, and temperatures not as bad in comparison to past Winters, warmer weather is ahead!

I was initially going to do a blog about the meaning of Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, but in light of the recent events I wanted to blog something to take these negative and scary times and turn it positive… for our own mental, emotional and Spiritual state of mind.

I will share some things that can help us stay positive during these trying times:

-While some of us are stuck at home for the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to get that Spring cleaning done. Dig through those closets and donate stuff you don’t use and go through those clothes you either have never worn or don’t wear anymore. This is a rough time for many and donating to your local charities can help those who are struggling, especially now more then ever.

-I don’t yet have a “green thumb” so I’m not quite sure of planting season (LOL) but I do know the weather will be decent. Start working in your vegetable garden, or plant those plants you want to start growing.

-Take this time to connect with your family. -Go outside and play some sports or other games. -Get that BBQ Grill up and running. -Clean that patio set that needs cleaning.

-This next one is the most important thing you can do right now. It may be tough when you’re not feeling it, but do it anyway because trust me, it is the most POWERFUL thing you can do for yourself and others: When you’re out and about, at the stores, etc, be kind and smile at others, and, maybe say “hi.” Believe me, we are all going through this madness together and others may have other issues. With the recent events, this just adds to the stress, for everyone!

You will start to notice that when you smile at others, you will feel better and that in turn will have a ripple effect on those around you. Now, you may get the occasional grumpy or rude person, but keep on smilin’ anyway! If everyone smiles at this one person, they will feel the positive energy and get out of the funk they are in. We will also get out of the funk we are in!

There is nothing more powerful then raising positive vibrations around us, it has a rippling effect which is MUCH needed right now!

Spring is here which means Summer is right around the corner! Lets stay positive and keep looking forward to better days!

Stay healthy and safe!

Ostara Blessings!