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Magic 98.3’s 10th Annual Kidfest is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to enjoy fun and games with all of our listeners. Kidfest is held at the College Avenue Gym at Rutgers University on Saturday, March 21.

7 Things to Know About Magic’s 10th Annual Kidfest

We can’t wait to deliver all of the magic to everyone in attendance which includes a rock climbing wall, bounce house, live entertainment, and so much more. Most importantly, the awesome game zones we will provide.

The DJs at Magic 98.3 including Joel and Maryann In The Morning, Debbie Mazella, and Mike McGinn took some time to share what their favorite games to play were as a kid. Check them out below and let us know what you hope to see in the game zones.

Joel Katz
Favorite Game: Baseball
Why: Best game ever!
Age: 8-present
Last played: Summer 2019

Maryann Morgan
Favorite Game: Keep Away– aka Monkey in the Middle
Why: I always played with my entire family!
Age: 4+
Last played: Summer 2019

Debbie Mazella 
Favorite Game: Operation
Why: To me, it was fun, and required little skill (and I used to always beat my brother who was older!)
Age: Maybe around 9 or 10..
Last played: With my younger niece last year– different set up but still fun!

Mike McGinn
Favorite Game: Super Punch Out 2– Yes I am a massive video game nerd! 
Why: It was a boxing video game my dad, brother, and myself would play together on our Super Nintendo. We always had a competition to see who would beat the hardest levels the fastest. My dad always won but I can beat him now. 
Age: 4
Last Played: Yesterday… lol