Wendi Williams was on board an American Airlines flight February 8 when she captured the now viral video of a man punching her seat. The clip shared to Twitter was what had occurred after the passenger decided to recline her seat.

The tweet has since caused a major debate in regards to flight etiquette and has been viewed by millions. Williams called the man’s actions an “assault” and was later told to delete the video by a flight attendant.

Willaims revealed via Twitter that she is still in pain and was contacted by American Airlines who is currently looking into the issue. The man who was punching and pushing the back of her seat in economy has yet to be identified.

“I was contacted via phone by @AmericanAir, they apologized but really didn’t accept any responsibility for the flight attendant’s actions,” Williams shared to Twitter. “I will be calling the FBI to press charges against the “man” who mistook me for a punching bag. Anyone who doesn’t like it, I don’t care!”

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