I usually go out to dinner with my husband the weekend before Valentine’s Day because we like to dine when the restaurant is less crowded and we can have our waiter’s attention. Restaurant owners are unhappy that Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year because Friday and Saturday nights are already their busiest nights of the week. When Valentine’s Day falls on an off-night like a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it gives restaraunts another good night of business.

With that in mind, it’s always romantic to put candles on your table and make homemade pasta together! It’s so easy to do. You just need a cup of flour, an egg, and a tad of water. You can roll the dough out yourself, cut it strands, and boil it on the stove for about 4 mintutes.  I made pasta from scratch with my husband this past weekend and we had so many laughs! If you don’t want to deal with cleaning a kitchen afterwards, here are some ways others spend Valentine’s Day:

TOP 5 VALENTINE’S DAY EXPERIENCES WITH A PARTNER…. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Groupon

1. Couples massage                                                                           36%

2. Romantic dinner                                                                              28%

3. Spa day                                                                                           26%

4. Manicure/pedicure                                                                          21%

5. Concert                                                                                           18%

Baths Are Like A Box of Chocolates:
 Some Japanese lovers will be spending Valentine’s Day in chocolate Jacuzzi baths. Many Tokyo spas are sold out and say some customers resold their special Valentine Day’s packages for 4-5 times what they paid.
 Dark chocolate baths cost more. You can always make a recipe of your own by mixing cocoa powder, sugar, and oil and giving your partner a massage!

TOP 5 VALENTINE’S DAY EXPERIENCES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY …. According to a new survey of 2,000 people by Groupon

1. Spa day                                                                                          28%

2. Dinner                                                                                            26%

3. Museum                                                                                         25%

4. Concert                                                                                          24%

5. Manicure/pedicure

However you are spending Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy your day! – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning