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Most of us are not aware of a relatively new term and act called “Phubbing.”

“Phubbing” is the act of snubbing someone in favor of your phone. Many parents think they’re usually the ones getting phubbed by their kids, parents are just as guilty of choosing phones over interacting with their kids.

Andy Crouch is the author of “The Tech-Wise Family” and he says,”If you ask adolescents what they would change about their parents, the most common answer is, ‘I wish they would spend less time on their phone and more time talking to me,'”

A new study by JAMA Pediatrics found increased parental distress and stress are associated with an increase in screen exposure in children as young as 7 to 18 months.

Try and give these 4 steps/tips a shot:

1. One hour, one day, one week
For one hour each day, put the phone away and commit to not looking at it. One full day a week, turn them off and put them away. And here’s a tough one, one week a year or during vacation, no phones allowed.

2. Prepare for resistance
At first it will be uncomfortable. Be prepared to move through it.

3. Ground yourself, literally
The first thing we do each morning is reach for our phones. Don’t!

4. The 7-minute rule
According to the book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age, by Sherry Turkle, “The first seven minutes of conversation are easy…weather…and catch up,” After that, it gets harder and the temptation to pick up the phone creeps in. Be aware, and try not to give in to the temptation or impulse.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!