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The Academy Awards happens this Sunday! You can catch the 92nd Oscars televised live on ABC.  I think this is the most glamourous of all the award shows.  The actors and actresses pay a lot of money to look good. They have little tricks that they use to look trim under their gowns too!  I get more excited about the behind the scenes and preperation for the red carpet than the actual award ceremony.

– The average cost to prepare a Hollywood actress for the Academy Awards red carpet is $3,500

– It costs $119,800 for a couple to attend the Vanity Fair Oscars party.– 225 countries will broadcast the Oscars

The cost of producing the Academy Awards is $44 million. The red carpet costs $24,700. Each Oscar statue costs around $900 to produce. Hollywood studios spend $100 million a year lobbying for awards.

Some stars are preparing for the Oscars by getting $2,000 diamond particle facial scrubs. Others are getting skin peels, green tea face masks and red-and-blue UV light therapy treatments to prevent acne.

Some stars plan to wear mink eyelashes that cost $10,000 a piece.

Professional bronzers, who carry portable tanning sprayers, are also being brought in.

Some female stars have had Botox injected under their breasts to give their sagging cleavage a much-needed lift.

Other stars are preparing for the Oscars with hydrocortisone injections, which are designed to get rid of acne and unwanted blemishes.

Many female stars have spent the last week getting ice facials to tighten their skin. Others got bee venom masks.

Stars will be plumping their lips with cinnamon oil. 

Some will  wear panty shields under their arms to keep sweat away from their dresses and tuxedos.

Some stars have used Preparation H on their puffy eyes. Others have used masking tape to tape the cellulite down on their legs under their gowns.

Some stars are getting Armpit Botox to prevent sweating

Enjoy your Oscar party! I am going to dress up and throw on some false eyelashes so I can feel like I should be on the red carpet while watching the show.  – Maryann Morgan- Joel & Maryann in the Morning