Scientists have revealed that the Firefly is now at risk of extinction. The iconic insect known as the Firefly can also be referred to as Fireflies or Lightning Bugs.

Fireflies and their flashing bodies are dealing with the loss of their natural habitats and pesticide use in the wild. However, the most harmful threat to the Firefly and the environmental conditions they need to survive is artificial light.

Due to insect declines and the unique cultural significance of the Firefly, Sara Lewis, professor of Biology at Tufts University, published a study in the journal Bioscience.

“Our survey results accompany a comprehensive review of current evidence concerning the impact of these stressors on firefly populations,” BioScience journal states.

With distinctive bio-luminescent courtship displays, Fireflies rank among the most charismatic beetles. BioScience revealed that this is what makes them a potential flagship group for insect conservation.