Whether you’re trying to relieve stress at home or in the work place, a simple desk plant might be able to help you out.

The University of Hyogo in Japan recently published a study which found that having a desk plant will ultimately reduce your stress levels. ‘Potential of a Small Indoor Plant on the Desk for Reducing Office Workers’ Stress’ was originally submitted to the American Society for Horticultural Science Journal.

According to the ASHS website, “The objective of this study was to verify the stress reduction effects of the presence of small indoor plants on employees in a real life office setting.”

The researchers had the opportunity to conduct the study on sixty-three participants which all worked for an electric company in Japan. The two phases of the study included a control period and an intervention period.

If you’re now eager to go shop for a desk plant, we don’t blame you. This will hopefully reduce the psychological and physiological stress not only on yourself but your office workers too.