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Ellen DeGeneres recently caught the attention of a New Jersey family residing in Red Bank. The talk show host delivered the surprise of a lifetime for Janette and Raul Lopez along with their three children.

It all started when News 12 New Jersey featured the Lopez family in a segment last month. All three of the Lopez children share the same birthday, and most importantly, share the same amount of love for Ellen.

Ellen shared to Twitter that she really loved this family so she sent ‘The Ellen Show’ staff member, Jeannie, to their home in New Jersey. The surprise visit left the family in shock as Ellen DeGeneres also gifted them every item her audience received during 12 Days of Giveaways.

Aside from receiving a 5-year Netflix subscription, over $2,500 in gift cards, Apple products, a vacation, among other things, Ellen was not finished. In true ‘The Ellen  Show’ fashion, the Lopez family were then flown out to Burbank, California.

The Lopez children had been saving all of their money they had collected while hosting lemonade stands to donate to the Gorillas and the wildlife fund.  Ellen DeGeneres wanted to give them one more surprise, her bucket of savings which was $50,000.