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Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers perform - Show on December 18, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

On Late Night With Seth Meyer, the Jonas Brothers teamed up with Seth, his brother Josh Meyer, and Jack McBrayer for a day of heavy day-drinking. The video starts out calm, and then things get weird.

They drank strange beverage combinations (like 30-year-old scotch paired with O’Douls and Alka Seltzer), drank out of baby bottles, and even started playing drinking games where the losers had to take shots.   At their drunkest, the groups decided to write original pop songs in five minutes. Seth and his team came up with a creative tune about day-drinking, and the Jonas Brothers came up with a song called “In Bed By Nine.” The tune starts off innocent, but then it takes a strange, sexual turn. Overall, the segment is quite entertaining.

Watch the video of Seth Meyers and the Jonas Brothers getting drunk below.