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Harry Styles attends The Launch of Harry Styles' New Album With Private Listening Session For Fans on December 11, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

If you can’t get to Harry Styles, why not try the next best thing? A Tik Tok video of a group of kids is going viral after people noticed that the Starbucks barista in the clip looks like Harry Styles.

“Are you Harry Styles? You look like Harry Styles. We’re literally listening to your song right now,” is what the group says to the barista, who just shyly smiles and scans their phone for payment. At the end of the video, one of the kids can be heard saying, “Baby, ohhh!” to the lookalike.

Since being posted, the video has thousands of views, and the reactions about the Harry doppelgänger are a mix of thirsty tweets like, “OMG IM IN LOVE TELL ME WHAT STARBUCKS,” and “Ma’am please go back and ask for his @. This is the closest I’ll have to Harry Styles,” and people cracking lighthearted jokes about the employee. Overall, the twitter reactions are quite entertaining.