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We are quickly approaching a new decade and with that we have New Year Resolutions we always try to keep but seem to forget about a few weeks after the new year begins.

There are many different resolutions but I will talk about one I think we all struggle with, and one I actually accomplished… losing weight. I have some hints that may be helpful for you to stick to your New Year/New Decade Weight Loss Resolution.

Four years ago I made a resolution, one I’ve been making for years and failing on, to lose weight and of course, I think it lasted maybe three days but then I heard a woman say “All you need to do is exercise just a few minutes a day and be mindful of eating healthier.” Well, I tried the exercising for less then five minutes everyday, ate more fruits, veggies and drank water. Before I knew it, I dropped 26 pounds in five months!

I’m like some of you, I love food… especially chocolate, wine, bread, mayo and pasta so it was tough for me to push these off to the side and eat healthier foods. Once I practiced this for a few weeks it became a habit.

Now, mind you, I had a few days when I did not feel up to exercising but since it would take less then five minutes I pushed through and did it. I felt better after and it gave me energy on the days I was tired but, that also had to do with the healthy foods I was eating.

Since then, I have lost another 10 pounds and decided to make exercising and healthier foods a permanent part of my life.

A few suggestions:

First and foremost, give up fast food, bread and soda (including diet, it doesn’t work anyway). If you want soda or juice, make it 1/2 of an 8 oz cup and only on occasion to go with dinner.

Eat more fruits and veggies. What I found useful, spinach seems to help with energy.

Drink water everyday. Honestly, I don’t drink the amount I’m supposed to (working on that) but I make sure to drink at least 16 oz everyday, plus it fills you up.

Eat smaller portions and eat slower.  You can still eat what you like but make it more for a “cheat day” or even make it for a monthly treat. I love cheeseburgers and haven’t had one in over a month. When I do, I’ll eat half on the roll and the rest of the bread I throw out. Speaking of cheeseburgers, I’m due for one!

Alcohol… need I say more? The BIGGEST cause of weight gain! If you don’t drink, skip this part. If you do drink and drink on more than special occasions, giving up the spirits will DEFINITELY drop the weight!

Losing weight is a tough battle and we always want quick results but in reality it takes time to drop those pounds and we sometimes get discouraged. In the beginning, make sure to stick to everything! You won’t see the results right away but once you do you’ll be happier and want to continue. I’m at the point now that I can slack a few days here and there but I make sure to get back on track.

One thing I do want to add before closing, please check with your Physician first but I don’t think they would have a problem with you changing your eating habits.

Good luck, Happy New Year and Happy Weight Loss!