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If you’re anything like me, you already bought a bag of Halloween candy. I had such a chocolate craving when I went grocery shopping the other day that I had to buy a bag and eat some while I was driving home. How can you walk past all the candy so nicely on display right now and not throw a bag in your cart?

I usually buy candy for the trick or treaters that I like.  If you are not sure what others like, a survey was taken and the results are in:

Worst Halloween Candy is out with their list of the worst ranked Halloween candy. They surveyed 30,000 people.

1 Candy Corn
2 Circus Peanuts
3 peanut butter kisses
4 wax Coke bottles
5 Necco Wafers
6 Tootsie Rolls
7 Smarties
8 licorice
9 Good and Plenty
10 Bit O Honey

Of course if you don’t get any trick or treaters at your house and you’ll be eating all the leftovers, feel free to buy candy corn and circus peanuts! – Maryann MorganJoel and Maryann in The  Morning