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A new survey by Peet’s Coffee reveals that 43% of people consider themselves a coffee connoisseur. .


If at least 7 of these describe you, then you may be one:

1. Prefer to make coffee at home, so it’s to their own taste

2. Can intimately discuss coffee and bean origin with the local barista

3. Would rather skip a morning coffee than have a cup of instant

4. Prefer coffees from specific coffee-growing regions

5. Order something that’s not on the menu

6.   Hand-brew coffee using a method other than a traditional drip coffee maker

7. Can immediately identify a coffee that isn’t freshly roasted or brewed

8. Local barista knows their order on sight, before they place it

9. Know the taste profiles of different roasts

10. Have multiple blends of coffee in their home

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Other findings:

– people say 7:35 a.m. is the perfect time for a first cup of coffee.

– the average person has two cups of coffee a day

– 42% of people say they don’t need coffee or a caffeine boost to wake up.

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