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Today is the first day of fall but with temps getting up near 90, it doesn’t feel as though a change of seasons is near.  Traveling down my driveway this morning I did notice leaves had fallen down. That is a sure sign that fall is indeed coming one of these days! Although I do wish for a few more weekends to enjoy the pool, I am also excited for the crisp cool air and the taste of hot apple cider and homemade apple cider donuts.

Cider Makers Enjoy A Bumper Harvest

10 EXCITING THINGS ABOUT FALL according to a new study.

1. The change in the weather … 44%
2. Football season is back …  37%
3. All things pumpkin spice …  37%
4. The leaves changing colors  …  35%
5. Lower electricity bills … 29%
6. Going apple picking … 23%
7. Drinking warm drinks…   22%
8. My favorite TV shows are back on the air.. 20%
9. Thanksgiving  …   20%
10. Wearing sweaters and comfier clothing … 1 9%

Happy Fall  – Maryann Morgan Joel and Maryann in the Morning