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GORLESTON-ON-SEA, ENGLAND - JUNE 21: Ed Sheeran attends special screening of Yesterday on June 21, 2019 in Gorleston-on-Sea, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Universal Pictures International)

Ed Sheeran has just completed 250 performances on the road, and now he’s ready to rest.

The singer just wrapped up his Divide tour, and on the last stop, he told fans he’s taking a break from music. “As you may or not know, I’ve been on the Divide tour for over two years now and this is the last day of the whole thing. There is something very bittersweet about it. This is my last gig for probably 18 months,” Sheeran said to the crowd, according to E! News.

He explained his decision even further by saying, “I was told before I came on that, now, at the end of this tour, I’ve played to nine million people around the world. It’s is the biggest tour ever. It kind of feels like, in a weird way, that you’re breaking up with a girlfriend that you’ve been with for years. It sounds odd but it has been a long tour.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “See you in a few years time. Thank you.”