César “Ash” G is a guitar player and composer from Maracaibo, Venezuela!  I wanted to do an interview with him, but logistically, it was hard to pull off, so I sent him a few questions and he replied, and, well, our interview was born!   His first CD, “Running in Circles” is out, and I love the sound; It has a lot of rock and jazz fusion, blues rock, prog rock, and traditional jazz/swing!  Something for everyone–he’s young, talented, and super cool!  Please give him a listen and some love!
What was the influence behind this project, and how long have you been working at a career making music?

 I’m a very big fan of rock, jazz, blues, and funk music. I always wanted to have those elements in my music, so the idea was to have all of that in the album. I’m also a big pop culture fan, so I wanted to have that vibe on the album too! I started with music when I was 10 with piano, then at the age of 15 I started to have guitar lessons and that was the moment when I knew that I wanted to be a musician for a living.

Who did you work with to get this project off the ground?
I had the pleasure to work with amazing musicians for this album. Oscar Guedez recorded all the drums for the album. Oscar is an amazing drummer, very versatile with a powerful sound. Carlos Jimenez did the bass for 4 tracks. I know Carlos for years, he is one of my closest friends and an incredible bass player and composer. Irvin Rodriguez did the bass for the song “This will be eternal”, he’s also an incredible musician and bass player with a lot of experience. The album was recorded in “Probos Estudio Creativo” by Miguel De Donato The artwork was made by Sayu González, an amazing artist who did a wonderful job with the album art!”
Do you feel social media has helped you spread the word in getting your music heard?
Yeah, for sure. Social media is a great tool, but you also need to have a good distribution plan to make it work properly.
What are your plans for the future?
Right now we are working on a new music video that should be out very soon. We also have in mind some live material. And for the next year, the main goal is the second album!




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