Okay, so I know this band is TOTALLY different than the music you hear on Magic 98.3, BUT… I wanted to tell you about them because they’re from the neighborhood I grew up in, and are super talented, sweet guys!

Meet Anaka, a band comprised of 2 brothers, Jimmy and Peter Pallis on vocals and guitars, along with Matthieu Bene on guitar, Jerry Farley on bass, and Jordan Bernacchia on drums!   They’ve been together since 2000, and over the years, have played live on many stages in the US and beyond.   Their sound is quite heavy, but if you’ve got a metal fan in the family, please spread the word and check these guys out!

Last Friday, we finally got to meet in person when I attended the Zakk Sabbath show in Brooklyn!  The nicest bunch of guys you’d ever want to hang out with, and while I watched them in the audience rocking out to the show, I thought I’d surprise them with an OTV write up.

So… that’s the story!  Check their website, www.anaka.net,  as they’re always adding shows, and give them a follow on FB, Instagram and Twitter, too!  My old ‘hood of Brooklyn is good for Pizza, Pastries, and music from Anaka!

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