There are certain unwritten rules parents and grandparents need to follow when it comes to the kids social media posts.  In most cases the photos we think are cute of our kids are usually viewed as embarrassing to them.  That means don’t post pictures of them sleeping in the back seat, especially if they are drooling! Don’t post anything about an argument you just had, even if you don’t like the way they keep their room. Nor should you post about the frustration you have with them about  their school work. They may want you to post a victory picture of a game they just won, although, even that would be a maybe!

Children feel parents and grandparents should have rules about what they share , comment and like about them  on social media. Basically the rule is: don’t share, comment or like anything on their social media pages!


Granny Facebook Survey

A new survey by Visiting Angels reveals that 33% of grandchildren want to unfriend their grandparents on Facebook. Other findings:

– 33% of grandparents post gossip about family feuds and finances

– 25% of grandchildren dislike it when their grandmother tries to friend their friends.

– 50% of grandchildren don’t want their grandparents commenting on their social life.

– 22% of grandchildren dislike it when their grandparents try to act cool online.

Let’s be cool parents & grandparents and resist the urge to creep on their pageMaryann Morgan- Joel & Maryann in the Morning