National Dog Day is August 26th and since it’s right around the corner, I figured I would share the story of how my best friend walked in my life.

A few years back my wife & I were laying in bed, I was watching some television & she was scrolling through her Facebook timeline. She came across a post that one of her friends shared asking somebody to adopt a dog named Trigger. The reason she was asking for somebody to adopt him was because it wasn’t even her dog, it was her roommates pup. The only thing is, the owner of Trigger decided one day to pack up all of his things without saying a word & left the dog behind & never came back. Now she was left to take care of the dog without ever knowing she was going to be her full-time responsibility now. She worked 12-13 hrs/day as a real-estate agent & realized that there was no way she was going to be able to handle being a dog mom. This is why she took to Facebook asking for somebody to help.


Once my wife saw pictures of Trigger, she called me over to look at the post and asked, “Babe, can we have him?” And once I saw his pictures, I knew I wanted that pup to be apart of our family. Next thing I remember is driving to Harlem to meet the little guy. The second my wife & I walked in, it was like he knew he was about to go home to his new family. He jumped right into our laps, licked our faces & then pretty much walked us to our own car so we could go home. 

After a few days we noticed something was off about him though, he would get scared very easily. When I would get dressed & start to put my belt on he would run away. If he saw a hanger, he would run away. If I were lift my arms to stretch, he would run. Showing obvious signs that this dog was once abused because he was scared of everything. This is when we decided we wanted to change his name so he could realize this was a fresh start! Now Trigger doesn’t exist, this pups name is & always will be Buddy & Buddy isn’t scared of nothing, besides being left alone. HE IS SO CLINGY! LOLOL

Now you might be wondering why I decided to tell the story of find my Buddy Boy. Well I recently came across Operation ResCUTE which is an awesome organization taking the time to teach kids about pet adoption! Check out some details below!

Operation ResCUTE is a 501©3 non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and encourage the next generation of kids to think about adopting shelter pets in need of a loving home. They offer a series of stuffed animals and children’s books all of which are based on true to life rescue dogs and their actual stories. 100% of profits go directly to shelters to help them in their adoption efforts. Of equal importance, the series is designed to foster the development of emphatic and proactive children who will be responsible to their surroundings and others less fortunate. So it is a win-win gift for any child as teaches the act of charity and empowers kids to be a part of the solution while, simultaneously, helping save a dog’s life and make a real difference!