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Imagine you’re on a photoshoot, and then supermodel Tyra Banks drives past you, hops out of her vehicle, and then stops to assist you during your shoot.

That’s exactly what happened to a woman (@_tatyannaa) who goes by Tee. While in Los Angeles, Banks recently got out of her car and stopped to take cell phone photographs of a young woman who was on a photoshoot.

Tee tweeted that the Top Model creator gave her a few pointers while motivating the woman with comments like, “Yes girl” and “Love.”

Banks also told Tee when to “hold” her poses.

“SOOO this just [happened] today. THEEE TYRA BANKS got out of her car to take photos of me. LET ME TELL U MY SOUL JUMP OUT OF MY BODY. I am DECEASED,” Tee wrote on Twitter.

The viral tweet received over 37,000 retweets and over 226,800 likes.

Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan.