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In New Jersey, summer is the time to finally take your workout from the gym to the fields, the beach or anywhere you can enjoy the beautiful weather. However, as much as winter’s extremes have dangers, we have all heard of the high school athletes who pass out during hot summer practices. Here are some early warning signs to stop what you’re doing and cool down before things get dangerous, courtesy of Health:

  • Cramping, nausea or headache: This can indicate an electrolyte imbalance or dehydration.
  • Dark urine: If you don’t feel the need to go to the bathroom during a long outdoor workout and your urine isn’t clear or light, you’re underhydrated.
  • Weakness or dizziness. Even if you’re accustomed to pushing yourself in a workout, you need to stop if you feel these symptoms. Even if you’re working out on a relatively cool morning, for example, your body temperature may still be too high.

Have safe workouts this summer!

-Dan Mulcahey