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Tired of the treadmill? Maybe it’s time to think outside of the gym and jump in the pool. Check out some of these water workout tips from the archives.


No, I am not talking about taking a swim in the pool or the ocean, though that is certainly a workout itself. This is one of the latest trends that takes your normal cardio studio workouts and exercises to a floating platform in the pool. Yes, planking on a floating platform in the pool is now a thing. As if planking wasn’t hard enough on solid ground. If you’ve done stand up paddle boarding before, you’re probably prepared.

Words don’t do it justice, so check out this video, courtesy of Shape Magazine.

– Dan Mulcahey

The HIIT + Yoga Workout That’ll Make You Feel Like You Can Walk On Water

ICYMI, there’s a new workout craze taking over pools everywhere. Think of it as a mix between stand-up paddle boarding and your fave boutique fitness class. (Here’s what you need to know about SUP-ing, and why you should give it a try this summer.)