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Think smoothies are healthy? Even if they’re packed with fruit, organic or vegan, they’re also packed with a ton of sugar and may be hindering your diet. Check out this post from the archives to learn more.


It’s no secret that the popularity of smoothies have grown in recent years, and they’re often positioned as a healthy snack or post-workout recovery drink. While they do often contain fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t mean they’re a low-calorie choice. The New York Times Ask Well blog looks into this further, but here is the nutshell:

  • Smoothies are usually more ounces than a typical piece of fruit (or in some cases, even two)
  • They often contain a lot of calories, particularly in sugar
  • Commercially-prepared smoothies contain a lot of extra sweeteners and ingredients beyond fruit, increasing the calorie load by hundreds in some cases
  • If you make them at home with no added sugar, it is easy to drink them faster and more often than you would a piece of fruit, meaning you are likely consuming more calories than you would otherwise

It goes to show that sometimes it isn’t what you eat, but how you eat, that can make a difference of hundreds of calories!

– Dan Mulcahey