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Looking for a calorie-free boost to your workout? The answer may begin in your ears. Check out this post from the archives on how the right music can really be a factor in your success.


So by now you may have seen the Taylor Swift commercial that shows her falling off of a treadmill listening to music (in case you missed the story about this on our website from a few days ago, it is here). If you’ve used a treadmill long enough, chances are you’ve had your own near-miss. Kidding aside, one thing this does highlight is the fact that we take the connection between music and working out for granted. It turns out that the right music is a big driver of getting the most out of your sweat:

  • Helps you maintain pace
  • Reduces energy expenditure
  • Minimizes false steps while running, walking or performing exercise class moves
  • Improves mood, which distracts from fatigue and helps extend your workout

Research has even shown that it stimulates brain activity related to movement coordination, so you can avoid having your own Taylor tumble (you’ve heard that coined here first, folks). If you want to geek out with me further on the benefits of music and working out, check out this article from Scientific American.

– Dan Mulcahey