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If you’ve been working out long enough, chances are you’ve tried a variety of workout routines, wondering if the next one will help you get the results you need. According to a new article in Health, Jillian Michaels suggests we take a step back and not focus so much on the specific routine:

  • The best workout is the one you want to get out of bed to do. It really comes down to what you are trying to achieve, and whether the workout is motivating.
  • It’s quality over quantity. Michaels favors workouts like HIIT that allow you to hit it hard for 20-30 minutes four days each week. Then, try your best to stay active the rest of the day — even if that means taking conference calls while walking around the office.
  • Whatever you’re doing, the key is to get your heart rate up to around 85 percent capacity. If you’re looking for maximum calorie burn, whatever you’re doing has to accomplish this.

Bottom line: as long as you’re able to achieve your goals, do what moves you!

– Dan Mulcahey