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Think more sweat and effort is necessarily better? You might want to reconsider ditching the indoor workout for the sun after reading this post from the Fast Fitness archives.


It’s summer (woot woot), which means everything is great: the food, the weather, the pool, the drinks, the friend time outside. Your workout should be too then, right? Yes – but this is also the time of year where we hear about high school football players being rushed to the hospital from practice for heat-induced emergencies. Keep yourself safe (and cool) with these tips, courtesy of Active:

  • Be an early bird. The heat peaks in the midday, so especially on weekends when you’re more likely to sleep in and then work out, try to avoid anything outside unless it is early in the morning or later at night.
  • Keep it light. Light-colored, loose-fitting clothes will keep you from absorbing more heat and allowing your skin to stay cool.
  • Electrolytes. Water is important, but you need to replenish your salt.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel overworked, stop!

Enjoy those glorious summer morning runs!

– Dan Mulcahey