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Are you on grill duty for Father’s Day? Check out these recipes from the archives for some delicious – and healthy – inspiration.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the great Jersey dads! If you are grilling for your dad or others today and happen to be a procrastinator like me (as in grocery store runs hours before an event), we have you covered to make sure you eat with flavor and health. Better yet, you might even convince the dad in your life to swap some of those summer burger nights with something better. Check out these top three ideas, courtesy of Cooking Light:

  • Barbeque lime shrimp and corn: This is one of those delicious foil meals where all of the ingredients – including lime, soy sauce, honey and coriander – go in with the shrimp and corn for a quick and easy meal with even easier cleanup
  • Grilled tuna sandwiches with onions, bell peppers, and chile-cilantro mayonnaise: Less than two grams of saturated fat per serving with lots of omega-3s
  • Grilled sirloin salad: The hot steak dad wants with a cold, refreshing salad topped with red wine-lemon vinaigrette. Who said a salad can’t be made for dad’s appetite?

Good health and great flavor – now those are two gifts that last all summer and beyond!

– Dan Mulcahey