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Have you ever been so tired that you avoid people? You just don’t have the energy to socialize. When I’m sleepy I try to avoid interactions because I don’t want to appear grumpy.

A new study proves that you don’t feel like being around friends or coworkers because you don’t get enough sleep — and the feeling is mutual.

Researchers at the Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkeley say your lousy, sleep-deprived-driven attitude makes others not want to be around you, either.

The study says being chronically sleep-deprived leads people to be anti-social, and in turn, lonely — particularly because their attitude makes them “socially unattractive to others.”

They say, “It’s perhaps no coincidence that the past few decades have seen a marked increase in loneliness and an equally dramatic decrease in sleep duration. Without sufficient sleep we become a social turn-off, and loneliness soon kicks in.”

To make it even worse, now we know this, so we have something else to lose sleep over.

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