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Dan Mulcahey

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We all know motivation is the first step to getting in the gym — once you’re there and moving, you’re likely to finish your workout. New research shared by Science Daily shows it is more mind over matter than we might have thought:

  • Our personality plays a role in choosing solo or team activities. Those who do group exercise are motivated by social connectivity. Those who exercised through sports, running and weight training were more driven by their desire for a challenge than health concerns.
  • Our state of mind dictates our workout frequency. Those who had intrinsic reasons to exercise, such as stress management, worked out more.
  • …and how likely we’re going to stick with it. It’s important to choose an exercise routine that aligns with your motivations and personality.

So if you’re exercising for health and the thought of CrossFit makes you squirm, now you have some insight to help you choose the right exercise routine for you — which may not be the same as your friend or family member.

– Dan Mulcahey