2019 has given us some amazing movies so far, but the movies that are coming out soon are the ones that I cannot wait to see! Check out my list below & see if these are on your list of “Need to see movies!”

5) Brightburn – Are you a fan of Superman? I know I am, because he might be the strongest superhero ever created. He has superhuman strength, he flies & has X-Ray vision. The only thing is, he always used his power for good. What if superman was actually super bad? That’s where the upcoming movie Brightburn comes in!

4) Rocketman – With the success of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s only right to keep these bio-pics of music legends rolling through the theaters. I remember being a kid waking up on Saturday morning to my Dad cleaning the house listening to Elton John & now I get the chance to see why this man is so special to music all around the world!

3) Aladdin – Growing up Aladdin was one of my go to Disney movies but now that I’m older, it’s hard for me to sit through a cartoon for more then 10 minutes. But with Disney bringing back live action versions of their infamous films, I would be lying if I said the kid inside of me wasn’t excited! Bring it on!!!

2) Spiderman, Far From HomeAvengers Endgame might have been the end an era for Avenger movies, but that doesn’t mean Spiderman is done being friendly in his neighborhood. Following all the events of Endgame, Spiderman Far From Home looks like another masterpiece by Marvel studios.


1) The Lion King – I already know this movie is going to be way to emotional for me. I couldn’t handle the Mufasa scene in a cartoon version and now I got to see it with realistic animals. Safe to say, I’ll be bring a box of tissues with me to the theaters.