Maybe you made your Mother’s Day dinner reservations for your mom at that place she likes, but will you give her what she really wants?  On May 12, she doesn’t want to be looking at the top of your head while you text away over dinner.

According to a OpenTable survey, 85% of adults are guilty of checking their phone at least once during dinner — and 40% of their moms bust them for doing it.

With that in mind, OpenTable is launching #DiningMode to encourage you to put away that phone and reconnect with the one who brought you into this world…after hours of painful labor, according to her.

Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer at OpenTable, noted, “By going into #DiningMode this Mother’s Day, diners will have the opportunity to focus their attention on the mom in their lives and connect over a fabulous meal.”

In case you didn’t know, texting your friends and uploading food pics annoys restaurant workers, so they’re more than willing to help you get into #DiningMode.  In fact, nearly 500 restaurants have already set up some incentives to leave your phone off on Mother’s Day. Some are offering complimentary flowers or dessert for your mom if you dine without the phone.

A full list of participating restaurants can be found here.

Joel is an award winning chef and food critic who eats daily. Listen to Joel and Maryann in the Morning weekday mornings!