While most folks hate the grind — why else would it be called a grind? — there are definitely some jobs that are worse than others.

The jobs website CareerCast has ranked 220 jobs, and found the 25 worst, based on criteria including stress level, job security, and salary, among others.

Here are the Top 10 worst jobs in the U.S. according to their list:

  1. Taxi driver– This job has the negative trifecta: low pay — often under $30K a year — coupled with high stress, and an “undesirable work environment,” making it the tops of the worst. Competition from Uber and Lyft are also devastating taxi drivers’ bottom lines.2. Logger – The second most dangerous gig in the U.S., coupled with low pay and employee replacement by machines, makes logging the second-worst career in the country.3. Newspaper reporter – Gone are the days when this was a glamorous gig. Low readership and salaries, coupled with the stress of deadlines, negative feedback from readers, and declining job security are all to blame for the low rank.

    4. Retail salesperson – Between low salaries, dealing with customers, and the physical toll of the job, this gig ended up near the top of the “worst jobs” list.

    5. Enlisted military – Involves high risk, time away from family, and low pay: Many enlisted personnel make under $30K a year.

    6. Corrections officer – Declining budgets for prisons nationwide, coupled with risk, and low pay, marred this job.

    7. Disc jockey – Once a coveted gig, DJ jobs are now notorious for job insecurity.

    8. Broadcaster – Single-digit job growth projection, coupled with shrinking salaries.

    9. Advertising salesperson – The Mad Men days are over: Wages top out at around $51K, and declining job growth.

    10. Interior/exterior painter – A sub-$40K salary coupled with physical demands.

Things aren’t all bad, however. Topping the list of the best jobs were these 10, which combine a high salary and good working environment with job security:

  1. Genetic Counselor– Median Salary – $74,120
    2. Mathematician – Median Salary – $81,950
    3. University Professor – Median Salary – $75,430
    4. Occupational Therapist – Median Salary – $81,910
    5. Statistician – Median Salary – $84,060
    6. Medical Services Manager – Median Salary – $96,540
    7. Data Scientist – Median Salary – $111,840
    8. Information Security Analyst – Median Salary – $92,600
    9. Operations Research Analyst – Median Salary – $79,200
    10. Actuary – Median Salary – $100,610

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