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For your shot at $1,000, listen weekdays a 8a, 11a, 1p, 4p, & 6p, grab the keyword, then enter it in our APP or online here!

We’ve given away thousands and thousands of dollars and now we’re giving away thousands more!

If I won $1000 I think I would buy many things…

  1. Sexy clothes for vacation
  2. A green baseball bat
  3. Kitchen knives that cut through shoes
  4. Gas for the car and/or grill
  5. Ping pong balls
  6. Beer for my horses
  7. Track shoes for my neighbor
  8. A Navage nose cleaner
  9. Flowers for my wife
  10. Fresh peaches
  11. An autographed picture of Jennifer Garner
  12. Airpods
  13. A Non-stick Copper frying pan
  14. A cozy area rug
  15. Tacos!
  16. Hello Kitty ice cube trays
  17. Kelly Clarkson Bedsheets
  18. Sunglasses with a fake leather case
  19. An edible sandwich
  20. A lawn mower for cutting grass
  21. Raisins
  22. A Mumford and Sons keychain
  23. Sparkly shoelaces
  24. 3 glue sticks
  25. Bail for a friend

What would you do?

Joel is a financial analyst who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship.