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Dan Mulcahey

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Summer 2019 may be a little over two months away, but these tips from the archives never get old. It’s time to get ready for the beach!


Well…the official day is June 20, but here we sit on April 17…which is soon enough to get started on that summer body. Whether your goal is to maintain what you have, tone up a little bit or something more daring, it’s a good time to do a quick check on whether how you are working out is working for you. Swinging those arms on your bicep curls, for example, is greatly reducing the impact of the precious time you are taking out of your busy day to improve yourself. In an hour or less, you should be able to get about half cardio and half weights in and feel like you’ve put in a real workout every time.

Check out this list from for some of the most common mistakes we all make.

– Dan Mulcahey