I love mixing fruit and veggies together with a little fruit juice and yogurt to make a smoothie that I drink on my way in.  I feel like I’m getting my daily nutrition in a large plastic cup early in the morning to give me the energy I need for the remainder of the day.  I wondered why I seemed to be going up a couple of numbers on the scale and then I read that I may be putting too much fruit in my fruit shake! Who new there could be such a thing?

Nutritionists say that excess fruit can make a healthy drink contain as much sugar as a soda. To make a less sugary smoothie, skip the fruit juice and limit the amount of real fruit to one cup.  If you’re mixing fruits, split it by how many you are using, for example, a half cup cup of banana and a half cup of strawberries. Also, don’t forget to use veggies like kale and spinach to balance out the fruit.

I think I should work at a smoothie shop – I feel like I would blend in- ha! Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning