I like to do pranks on April 1st, but I always try to make sure they don’t embarrass or hurt anyone. You really need to think about of the possibilities of the joke taking a negative turn.

A survey by the Creative Group reveals that 71% of marketing execs and 45% of advertising execs think April Fools Day jokes are inappropriate in the workplace.

The April Fool’s joke Tennie Pierce’s fellow firefighters played on him may be the costliest of all-time. He sued the L.A. Fire Department and the city of Los Angeles after his co-workers spiked his spaghetti and meatballs with dog food. Tennie was awarded $1.43 million!

A survey by Harris reveals that 18% of people have a family tradition of pranking one another on April Fool’s Day. Other findings:

– 24% of people think “Kick Me” signs are funny

– 57% of adults have a lower appreciation for pranks now that they’re older

– 41% of people think pranks are funny as long as they are not the target

– biggest April Fool’s targets: 76% best friend … 73% spouse/significant other … 72% siblings

– 53% of people believe pranking parents is off limits

– 56% of people believe pranking young kids is off limits

– 64% of people believe pranking bosses and teachers is off limits

Joel likes to prank co-workers and children by filling water balloons with boiling water. Hilarious!