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A new survey by EdenFantasys reveals that it takes an average of six weeks for new couples to finally label their relationship. So if you are worried that the person you’ve been seeing hasn’t labeled your dating as a relationship yet, don’t rush them until six weeks.  Try not to get jealous or crazy if you see someone else’s name on his phone in the early stages of dating.  Keep in mind that 47% of people have multiple partners when starting a new relationship.


You confide in them                                           46%

You no longer go on dates with anyone else     46%

You’ve told family about them                            45%

They’re all you think about                                 44%

You’re constantly texting/talking                         43%

You start planning a future with them                 42%

You genuinely want to know how their day was 41%

You’ve told friends about them                           40%

You’ve met their friends and vice versa              40%

The idea of commitment no longer scares you  38%

By the way, eHarmony reveals that 64% of men are in a relationship with a woman who shares personality traits with his mother.  Hope you like his mom because you are probably a lot like her! – Maryann MorganJoel & Maryann in the Morning