When my husband and I were engaged, planning our honeymoon was just as exciting as planning our wedding. We looked forward to an adventurous getaway together. We couldn’t wait to see what the sunsets in Jamaica would look like. Planning where we would go sightseeing and what activities we would sign up for took the stress off of more important decision making.

Today’s trend is to take a separate solo vacation or trendy “unimoons.” Why would a couple who decided to spend the rest of their lives together want to duck out so quickly? Some couples feel since they’ve been dating so long or lived together they don’t need to spend a honeymoon together.  Some couples had gone on road trips and several vacations together while they were dating that they don’t feel like they need a honeymoon.  Although new research says 1 in 4 Americans get more out of travel when doing it alone, I’m still glad I had the memories of a honeymoon with husband!

So much for the vow “till death do us part!”  Whatever your choice cheers to your Honeymoon or UnimoonMaryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning