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I usually don’t like viral challenges because some people take the challenge too far and do silly stuff that ends up hurting themselves or their friends. I saw this latest challenge and it totally changed my mind! I thought about how great it would be if everyone got involved in this.  The new viral challenge is called #Trashtag.

The challenge was started by Byron Roman as an attempt to get young people to clean up their community by showing a before and after picture of the clean up. How brilliant is that challenge?  Getting people to clean up trash  in a fun way. It took a few likes and shares from his friends and it just kept snowballing.  It seems people like the message.  So grab some garbage bags, a rake and gloves and snap some pics.

I hope you enjoy this challenge! Post pictures #TrashTag and #magic983 too! – Maryann Morgan- Joel & Maryann in the Morning