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Mike McGinn

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If you watch the show Shameless, last nights episode was not just the final episode of the season but it was also the episode where we all had to say goodbye to Fiona Gallagher. For me, this was a sad moment in television because of the role Fiona played in the show. For those of you who don’t know Shameless, it’s pretty much about the dysfunctional “Gallagher” family growing up and surviving in the not so friendly south side of Chicago. With the mom not in the picture and the father, Frank Gallagher being a slave to alcohol and drugs, Fiona was forced into the role of raising her five siblings Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie and Liam all on her own, but luckily she has some amazing friends, Kevin and Vee to help her along the way.

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Throughout the series we saw Fiona at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but no matter what she always put her siblings first. Whether is was waking them up for school, putting bread on the table and giving them a roof over their heads, she sacrificed everything for her family. But last nights episode was about her being able to finally live her own life and put herself first. It’s a shame (no pun intended,) we as Shameless fans have officially seen the last of Fiona in the series but it was also exciting to see a character we have all grown to love, be able to finally take care of herself. Fiona wasn’t just the Gallaghers big sister, but she was our big sister.

Thank you Emmy Rossum for all the great Fiona memories!

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