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So, you’ve bought into the idea of doing a 5K like the one at the Garden State 10 Miler and figured out a running routine. You’re done, right? Well, without the right fuel, you won’t be running nearly as well as you should. In this last post of our series on 5K training, we have some foods you should try to give you the best chance at tearing up the finish line, courtesy of Active.com:

  • Plain nonfat Greek yogurt. These little cups pack a powerful punch – they average between 14 and 18 grams of protein, calcium and vitamins. And they lack the sugar overload of regular yogurt (or even fruit-laden Greek yogurt, for that matter)
  • Wild salmon. Tons of protein and healthy fats make this an ideal companion for some fresh seasoned veggies.
  • Quinoa. Nothing against brown rice (though it does have higher levels of arsenic than white rice), but quinoa packs way more nutrients and is high in fiber
  • Watermelon. Not only does it have high levels of vitamin C to boost your immune system while you’re training hard, but it also does double duty as hydration

Training plan? Check. Weekly runs? Check. Right diet? You’re ready – go get ’em! Drop me a comment on our Facebook page and let me know how you do.

– Dan Mulcahey


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