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Who hasn’t filled their fridge with so much stuff that even a grape couldn’t fit inside? I seem to run into that problem quite often because I don’t have a spare fridge to throw my excess in. To make up for the lack of space, I either throw things in a cooler and store it outside during the cold days in the winter or I dump things in the freezer.  This plan may work for some food and drinks, but it’s not a good idea for everything you consume.

What You Shouldn’t  Store in the Freezer:

*Eggs in their shells will crack and that could breed bacteria inside

*Potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and pasta will become mushy when they thaw because of their high moisture content

*Milk and soft cheeses in the freezer will cause the liquid and fats to separate, creating a chunky texture. It’s perfectly safe to drink and eat though

*Don’t ever defrost meats and then put the unused portion back into the freezer unless you cook it first. Dangerous bacteria could form

We want to keep you healthy, so enjoys today’s tips – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning