When I remembered this weekend is Daylight Savings and we lose an hour of sleep, I suddenly became groggy. I don’t think we get enough sleep as it is and now we’re going to lose another hour! We all certainly enjoy the extra light at the end of our work day so it’s not all bad, right?  Who couldn’t use some extra time outdoors to wash the car, take a jog, or even throw some steaks on the grill.  Changing the clocks with the seasons seems like a natural thing to do.

Children seem to be the most affected by the change in time. Here’s a few tips for you helping the kids survive the time change:

  • Shift bedtimes by a few minutes each night leading up to the time change. Make it just a little earlier than the previous night.
  • Keep your kids room cool, dark, comfortable AND tech free!
  • Keep them busy on Saturday and Sunday ( the ole ‘wear them out’ trick).

Enjoy the time change and all the outdoor activities to follow – Maryann Morgan – Joel & Maryann in the Morning